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STD? No, it doesn’t look like he has anything…..

In my health class we had a presentation on STDs and how nasty they are.  I thought I knew what I was doing and so when Tommy kind of talked me into having sex with him, I thought we were ok.  I sort of “looked him over” that first time.  He had taken all his clothes off and I didn’t see any bumps or blisters in his private area…nothing oozing out.  He had told me I was the first person he had sex with and I believed him.  I know he was MY first.

We had a pretty active sex life.  I didn’t like it at first.  It hurt too much.  But I loved the way Tommy seemed to enjoy it!  Eventually, though, it didn’t hurt as bad and I really liked doing it.  Tommy was always so sweet to me.

Tommy usually always used condoms.  We talked about me going on the pill but there was no way I was going to ask my mom to take me to the doctor for that!  Just no way.  So, we took turns buying condoms.  A few times we didn’t have one, though, and we were too turned on not to have sex.  So, we just tried to be careful.

One morning, I was going to the bathroom and felt something really painful.  I had to get a mirror to see what was going on “down there”.  It was a couple of blisters.  I just thought, “Oh well.  Must be a female thing I don’t know about.”  And, I finished getting ready for school.

Sitting in a classroom chair for a whole class period was rough.  It was pretty painful. 

Little did I know that in one of my classes that day we had another STD discussion!  While listening to the presenter describe the different STDs I had a light bulb moment!  No, it couldn’t be.  No way.  If Tommy has not been with anyone else, then how in the world could I have an STD?  No, it must be something else.

The presenter told us that this place, MyLife Medical Center, does free STD testing.  They do some that they have to charge a bit but the presenter even gave us the price list.  And, she also said anyone over the age of 12 in my state can be tested and treated without my parents knowing.  That evening I text the number she gave us and made an appointment for the next day after school.

Well, I learned that there was no way I was Tommy’s first!  Not only did I have chlamydia (which the nurse at MyLife gave me medicine for right there in their office) but I now have herpes!  For LIFE!  They can’t give me medicine to get rid of that!

When I confronted Tommy about it, he just kind of smirked.  He said, “Come on baby.  I wasn’t YOUR first either.  No way.”  Needless to say, I dropped him right then and there!  What a liar.  He probably was having sex with other girls while he was with me. 

I thought I could look at him and tell if he had something.  I thought I could believe and trust him.  I truly thought I was his first.  I thought this kind of stuff would never happen to me.  I thought someone my age could never get some kind of nasty disease that would be with them the rest of their lives! 

I obviously just wasn’t thinking……. 

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