Confidential & Nonjudgmental Services at No Cost to You
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We provide various confidential pregnancy services at no cost. Call, stop by, or schedule an appointment so you’re sure to get the attention you need. We’re here for you.

Pregnancy Tests & Ultrasounds

When you're experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, MyLife is here for you with the pregnancy confirmation services you need. We offer no-cost pregnancy tests and obstetric ultrasounds in a safe, confidential setting.

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STI Testing & Treatment

It's essential to be aware of any STI-related symptoms to seek prompt testing and treatment. If you are sexually active, you should be tested regularly.

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Counseling Services & Education

Our client advocates can offer fact-based information when you need it most.

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Post-Abortion Support

If you find yourself struggling, know that you aren't alone. We can help you process those difficult feelings and find healing.

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Safe and Supportive Care

You are stronger than you know.