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Take Control of Your Sexual Health

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are contracted by sexual contact or bodily fluids. Some STIs are spread skin to skin. They can also be transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy and childbirth.

Why Should I Get Tested?

It is not always apparent that you have an STI. You can experience symptoms or have none at all. It’s essential to be aware of any signs and to seek prompt testing and treatment. In any case, if you are sexually active, you and your partner should be tested regularly.

Common STI symptoms include:

  • Painful urination
  • Unusual vaginal bleeding
  • Fever
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Unusual or odorous discharge

What Happens if my STI goes untreated?

You may believe that an asymptomatic STI won’t cause any concerning side effects or complications. This is far from the case; any untreated STI can result in significant physical health problems, including:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • Infertility
  • Heart disease
  • Certain cancers (such as HPV-associated cervical and rectal cancers)
  • Arthritis
  • Eye inflammation
  • Pregnancy complications

You owe it to yourself to stay on top of your sexual health. Take advantage of no-cost and low-cost STI testing at MyLife Medical & Resource Center.

What We Offer

MyLife offers comprehensive STI testing and treatment for both men and women. Below is a chart detailing our no-cost and low-cost options. We may be able to provide all testing for free. Contact our medical team for more information regarding specific tests or costs.

M/F STD Testing Cost* Type of Test
Female Gonorrhea FREE** Urine
Female Chlamydia FREE** Urine
Female Syphilis/HIV/Hepatitis B/Hepatitis C FREE Blood
Female Candida Vaginitis Panel $70.00 Cervical Swab
Female Bacterial Vaginosis Panel $70.00 Cervical Swab
Female Herpes 1 & 2 $17.50 Cervical Swab
Female HPV $45.00 Cervical Swab
Female Trichomonas $17.50 Cervical Swab or Urine
Male Gonorrhea/Chlamydia $35.00/FREE** Urine
Male Syphilis/HIV/Hepatitis B/Hepatitis C FREE Blood
Male Herpes 1 & 2 $17.50 Urethral Swab or Lesion Swab
Male HPV $45.00 Urethral Swab


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