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Men can often be forgotten about with an unexpected pregnancy. After all, your partner is the one carrying the pregnancy, and she’ll need to make the big decision. But there are ways you can support her and process your own feelings. We’ll offer helpful tips for how to navigate this difficult time.

1. Listen to your partner

Offer to be there for your partner during this time. Listen to her hopes, fears, and concerns. She is likely feeling anxious or worried, so the best thing you can do is support her by being a listening ear. Try to be there without judgment and offer a shoulder to cry on. She’ll appreciate the emotional support.

2. Offer to attend appointments together

If your partner is willing, she may appreciate it if you attend appointments together. Being a calming presence during an ultrasound or options information session will help her process any complex feelings and remind her that she is supported.

3. Review options with her

Present a united front by reviewing your partner’s pregnancy options with her. This is her decision but offer input and support if she is comfortable with you doing so. It can feel overwhelming to make a decision alone, so your presence will likely help calm her fears.

4. Be Open about how you feel

Honest communication is critical here. Express any concerns or fears you have as your partner makes a pregnancy decision. An apathetic partner is not a supportive one. Communicating your thoughts respectfully and openly will strengthen your relationship and show her that you’re committed to being there.

5. Men can experience traumatic effects of abortion, too.

You are not alone. Men can suffer with depression, sadness, anxiety, and so many other issues following an abortion decision. Our caring and compassionate staff are here for you. Contact us today to get started on your healing journey.

Men’s Services at MyLife

MyLife wants men to know they aren’t lost in the shuffle. We offer STI testing and treatment, options exploration, peer counseling, and parenting classes. Wherever you are with an unexpected pregnancy, know that we value your well-being and are here to offer support. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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