Return to School = Return to Health

For some of us school begins again in just a few weeks.  Some will be returning to a physical school building, while others will be firing up their laptops or tablets.

            Whether you are returning to school or not, right now is a very good time to think seriously about your health.  You may be still living at home with mom and dad and they typically make sure you get your annual check-up and you are current on your immunizations. 

            If you have been sexually active, however, you probably have not told mom and/or dad that you are now on the list entitled “Needs testing for STDs”.  You need to take control of YOUR health now and be sure you are getting tested!  Please do not wait for symptoms!  Most STDs have no initial symptoms but they are still doing damage to your insides!!

            We believe you should sit your parent(s) down and discuss your need to be tested.  The best choice for testing and possible treatment is with your very own doctor.  This doctor has probably known you since you first arrived in this world. 

            We have seen a lot of young folks, however, who have said things like, “Are you crazy??  I am NOT telling my parents about any of this!”  Call us here at MyLife.  Check out our STD pages on this website for what we test for and if there is a price involved.

            Also, read our blog entitled “Free Testing” to see if you qualify for free chlamydia/gonorrhea tests.  (HIV/Syphilis is always free)

            No matter what your age is, if you are 12 years old or older, we are here to help you with STD testing and treatment.  Contact us today (you can use the form on the right on this page, call us at 636.495.6566, or text 636.575.6581) and let us know exactly which tests you want or just let us know you aren’t sure which ones and we will help with that.

            No, you cannot keep putting it off.  Some of these STDs cause damage that cannot be reversed if you do not get treated!  We can’t treat you if we don’t know you have it.

            We keep everything about you very confidential.  We won’t even tell anyone you contacted us or came to our door—unless you give us specific written permission.  (We do send the specimens to an outside lab who is, however, also bound by confidentiality).

            Knowledge is Power.

            Get tested. 

            Contact us today.  Even your phone call is confidential. 

The best is yet to come.