Know Your Options

No matter the opinions of your friends and family members, this decision is yours and yours alone. Being informed about each of the options is the best way to make this choice because when you’re empowered with information, you have the confidence to make the right decision for you.


Because abortion is a serious medical procedure, there’s a lot to inform yourself about before receiving one. At MyLife Medical Center, we can provide you with information about the procedures and risks of an abortion during an options counseling session. We also have put together an abortion safety checklist so that you know the steps you need to take beforehand.


Adoption is a wonderful option for those who are not yet ready to parent. At MyLife Medical Center, we can provide you with detailed information about your option to adopt during an options counseling session. If it is what you decide for your unexpected pregnancy, we can connect you with an adoption agency that will meet your specific needs.


Parenting is both a wonderful and challenging journey that you may or may not feel ready for. During an options counseling session, we can discuss your unique circumstances and how parenting would look for you. MyLife Medical Center also offers a number of free resources to those who choose to parent for their unexpected pregnancies, like parenting classes, material assistance, and the A2A program which allows us to assist you with rent, car insurance, monthly cell phone bills and more.

At MyLife Medical Center, it’s all about you. Schedule an appointment today to receive no-cost and confidential services tailored to your needs. We are ready to help women facing unexpected pregnancies in a professional and judgment-free setting.

The best is yet to come.