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Veronica. One Single Mom’s Story

“There is no possible way I am pregnant.”  My response to my friend’s accusation following my getting sick in her bathroom after spending the night with her.  There was just NO way.  Wasn’t going to happen to me. 

            Yes, I had been having sex with my boyfriend.  Well, I couldn’t even call him my boyfriend anymore.  We had ended our relationship (which had lasted a whole 3 months!).  It doesn’t happen that quickly, does it?  My cousin was married and was trying and trying to get pregnant but had not been able to.  It couldn’t happen to me so fast, right?

            My friend knew of a place where I could go to get some answers—for free.  So we called and made an appointment for later that day.  To say I was scared, well, that was putting things mildly!  My friend, Rachel, and I talked about it all morning long.  One minute I was having an abortion, no doubt about it.  The next minute I was touching my stomach and thinking of how it would feel to hold my own baby.  MY BABY. 

            At the appointment, we talked about all my options if I am pregnant.  I told them abortion was probably the best choice for me. Then I took a test and they told me I was, for sure, pregnant.  They told me I was probably about 7 weeks pregnant.  Then they asked me if I wanted an ultrasound. 

            Fast forward about twelve months.  Yes, the pregnancy itself had lots of ups and downs.  I struggled telling my parents about the baby.  I tried to discuss things with the dad—but he turned out to be a total loser.  But, my parents came around and began to really support me.  I found a lot of support from people I hadn’t expected to be supportive!  I got through the pregnancy and giving birth.  Today, I am a single mom looking into the face of my precious, sleeping, baby girl!

            Don’t let anyone ever tell you that being a parent, especially a single one, is easy.  It is one of the hardest things I have ever done.  But, also one of the most rewarding.

            There are so many things that I struggle with that it is too hard to list them all.  They include things like a baby-daddy that has been 100% absent and non-supportive but now wants to take my baby girl to his house for an overnight!  I am still fighting that one.  To me, he doesn’t deserve any time at all with her—but especially not if I am not right there!

            Trying to work and find someone to watch Emily is also very hard.  My mom and dad help out a lot.  I have other family members who help when they can.  But, it still gets hard.

            Listening to her cry when I don’t know what in the world to do for her—that is also very hard!  I try everything I can think of but, sometimes, I just can’t find the answer.  My mom says sometimes babies just have to cry.  But, it is rough!  I don’t want my baby to cry.

            Being a single mom is really hard is so many ways.  Would I change my answer now?  If I could go back would I choose abortion now that I have faced so many challenges and still struggle as a single mom?  The answer?  NO!  Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) could replace that sweet face that looks up at me!  That look she gives me that I think means, “Mom, I know I am a handful right now.  I know your whole life changed when you found out about me.  But, I love you more than I will ever be able to say and we will get through this together.”

            Me & Emily.  We will get by—day by day. 

Veronica–a MyLife client

From the Director

            If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, reach out today to MyLife Medical Center. We provide all of our services free of charge.  We make zero money on you or your decision.  We want to provide that free pregnancy test, free ultrasound, and give you an opportunity to explore all of your options.  We keep everything very confidential and are always non-judgmental.  The decision is yours to make, of course.

            Call us at 636.495.6566 or text 636.575.6581 today.   

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