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But…I Used a Condom!

            Natalie & I had been on a few dates.  Every date we went on I was prepared with a few condoms in my pocket!  My thought?  You just never know!

            Well, the first time happened kind of by accident.  We weren’t planning on going out that night because we both had to study for finals.  But, we starting texting and soon were making plans for her to come over to my house.  My mom had gone out to dinner with some friends so we had the whole house to ourselves.  Needless to say, one thing quickly led to another.

            Our relationship continued to grow after that.  Instead of going out and doing stuff, though, we were always trying to find some place to be alone.  But, we grew closer (or so I thought).

            About three months into our relationship, Natalie sent me a text that I will never forget.  Three little words that changed my life forever.  “I am pregnant”.  My first thought?  “But…I used a condom!” 

            I was under the wrong impression that wearing a condom protects us from pregnancy.  Learned THAT piece of news too late!  I always thought it was 100% effective and pregnancy didn’t even need to enter my mind when I was enjoying my time with a girl!  I was wrong!

            I was in shock when I called Natalie.  Texting just would not do it for this piece of news!  I needed to hear her laughing in the background at the joke.  Or, at least hear something that would confirm to me that she was just trying to trick me. 

            What I heard, though, were tears in her voice.  In fact, she could hardly talk to me she was so upset.  I asked her to please meet me somewhere.  Let’s talk about this. 

            We did meet that day.  We talked about this.  We really did not know what to do.  What should be done next?  Is abortion really our best answer?  I knew I had too many plans for my future to try to raise a baby.  I knew my little part time job at Wal Mart was not going to support Natalie and a baby.  It really didn’t even support me!  Yes, it seemed to me that abortion was the very best answer. 

            Natalie wasn’t so sure.  I learned real quick that she heard my opinion but she really did not want me to try to “convince” her to have an abortion.

            What would I tell my mom?  Oh my gosh.  She has been so supportive of me, especially since my dad flaked out on us!  She would be so disappointed in me.  Oh how I hope Natalie chooses abortion.  Then no one ever has to know!!

            If she decides not to have an abortion, what will that mean for me and my plans?  What about college?  What about my plans to play Major League Baseball?  What about that awesome car I am saving up money for?  How much does it cost to have a baby anyway?

            Being a dad would be pretty incredible, too.  Wait.  No.  I really can’t think of that right now.  I am scared to death. 

            Why didn’t someone ever tell me that condoms don’t really work all the time?  Why isn’t that in bold letters on the package of condoms, “Warning.  Does not work all the time.  May result in pregnancy without warning!” 

            Now what? 

Bill…..a client at MyLife Medical Center

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