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STD/STI Testing | Get the Facts

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At MyLife Medical Center, we provide free Chlamydia and Gonorrhea STD testing and provide you with important information about the types and risks of STDs, especially those most common in the local community of House Springs.

At MyLife Medical Center we can test for some STDs for free and if you are positive for any of these four we can treat you at no charge to you.

Many young people think you can tell whether or not someone has an STD just by looking, but this is false. By age 25, 50% of individuals who are sexually active will have an STD.

Below is our current pricing schedule. We never charge for office visits but some of the tests must be sent to a lab that does charge a small fee.

M/F STD Testing Cost* Type of Test
Female Gonorrhea FREE Urine
Female Chlamydia FREE Urine
Female Syphilis/HIV FREE Blood
Female Candida Vaginitis Panel $70.00 Cervical Swab
Female Bacterial Vaginosis Panel $70.00 Cervical Swab
Female Herpes 1 & 2 $17.50 Cervical Swab
Female HPV $45.00 Cervical Swab
Female Trichomonas $17.50 Cervical Swab
Male Gonorrhea/Chlamydia $35.00 Blood
Male Syphilis/HIV FREE Blood
Male Herpes 1 & 2 $17.50 Urine or Lesion Swab
Male HPV $45.00 Urine

It is time to take YOUR health into YOUR hands. Get tested. Get healthy. Stay healthy. If you are pregnant, you have even more reason to get tested no matter what choice you make concerning that pregnancy.

*All pricing is subject to change. Appointments are needed for all STD testing. Make an appointment today.